Rowick Deep


Rowick Stevens "AKA" Rowick Deep's passion for music started at an early age, he was influenced by music with visits to his late uncle during school holidays, Dominique Marian. Whom was a former dj and manager of a popular club that was based in Morula Sun Mabopane. Rowick had an opportunity to learn how to DJ by playing around with his uncle's equipment. He developed a love for house music by listening to his uncle's disco and dance records. Rowick got to play for the public the first time at a year-end function that was organized for Morula Sun staff members. After hearing Rowick play, people started asking him to play at many of the major events held at Morula Sun and most of the surrounding areas like Mabopane/ Ga-Rankuwa to name a few. At one of these events Rowick met and became friends with one of the big named dj's of the area "Positive K", which showed him the final touches of how to perfect his dj'ing skills.

A few years later Rowick got the opportunity to get involved in mixing and compiling two major house music projects called, 45 BPM by the Heavy D Krew (Rowick,Vernon and Dominique) and then House vs. Latino with fellow DJ friend - Vernon. 45 BPM became one of the biggest selling dance compilations and from there Rowick went on to hold a residency at one of Pretoria's hottest nightclubs, Voodoo Lounge with fellow friends Sisco, DJ Bubbles and BlackCoffee.

A few years later Rowick took a break from the industry for more than 5 years, where he ventured into other business, but music however was always his number one passion. After meeting up with his long time friend, Sisco (owner of Multi-Racial Records) who gave him the opportunity to attend the first South African Music Conference that was held in Johannesburg 2005. After attending the conference, Rowick decided to give up a fruitful business and go back to the music industry. He joined Multi-Racial Records to follow his dream to become a house music producer, but because of his DJ experience, he started as a lecturer at the DJ school department.

After working for a year as a lecturer, Rowick started sitting in studio sessions looking at Sis 'n' Jones and a few other producers work, eventually Rowick started producing his own music. The first two songs he ever produced ended up featured on a dj compilation album named " DJ's at Work - Love Generation - mixed and compiled by two of SA's Biggest djs, Christos and Vinni Da Vinci and the other song was featured on another dj's compilation album named " Phezulu Selection Vol 1", mixed and compiled by the all so well renowned DJ Mbuso. The same song that featured on the "Phezulu Selection got utilized by overseas based producer/dj "FISH GO DEEP" in one of his mixes and raved about the song.

Rowick was finally doing what he was born to do and started compiling mix tapes where he would feature some of his own tracks so that people could hear more of his own music. One his friends ended up giving a mix tape to Wandi. Wandi was one of the partners of a local clothing label called Loxion Kulca (A big local fashion label) he enjoyed the style of music so much that he booked Rowick to dj at most of their private and business( Loxion Kulca) functions. Rowick and Wandi formed a good working relationship, and came up with a concept to combine house music and fashion, but all music used must be from local house music producers seeing that Loxion Kulca is a local clothing brand. This was the birth and release of the Loxion House Kulca compilations mixed and compiled by Rowick Deep himself. This is where Rowick got his real platform to showcase his production skills, and got the opportunity to work with his old friend Black Coffee and other well known producers like, Blackwhole, Nasty Nev, and the late ArtJones to name a few.

Rowick went on to do the second edition of the Loxion House Kulca series, which earned him a lot of respect in the house music industry, with hit songs taken from the Loxion House Kulca albums produced by Rowick…. like "People with Bullets"-Rowick Deep Remix, "That thing" ( did well overseas), "I Want you" and "Make It" which received a lot of air play on major local radio stations like Yfm, Metro Fm, 5fm and many more.

DJ Euphonik, one of SA's well known radio and club djs was driving to a gig and was listening to one of the "Loxion house kulca" compilations mixed by Rowick Deep. He was very impressed by the music on the album and gave Rowick a call telling him what a good compilation "Loxion House Kulca vol 2"was. Suggesting to Rowick if under the correct record label his music could go big. They set up a meeting where by Euphonik suggested that Rowick should do an album and release it through Soulcandi, one of SA's biggest house label and record company.

Rowick released his first full produced album through Soulcandi called "MUSIC IS LIFE" in 2009.The album produced big hits like "I got love for u" feat Genevive ,"Stars for u" feat Lee Martin(Rowick Deep) and the big song that put the name Rowick Deep on the map "Music is life" feat Megan Pringle, which did very well in clubs, music downloads, radio chats and Djs top 10s just to name a few, the music video for "Music is Life" got broadcasted daily on big music channels such as "Channel O",SABC's "Music Lounge", Trace and MTV Base . This album opened a lot of new doors for Rowick, he started working with a lot of new artist, djs, producers and labels doing remixes and producing music for them. With all his achievements in the music industry, he is now one of the hottest and well-respected house music producers in the country

This brings us to ROWICK DEEP's second album"UNLEASHED"

The "UNLEASHED" Album was released in June 2011 and in true Rowick Deep style this album had many hits such as, "Deeper than the Ocean" feat Auriol Hays. This was a big hit for Rowick Deep ,as soon as the single hit the radio stations it went straight on high rotation, it was no1 for three consecutive weeks, in the first week of its release on the HOT 9at 9 on YFM with Oskido (before Oskido moved to metro fm) , no3 on the Urban top 40 ,almost in all house djs top 10 songs. "UNLEASHED" as an album did not do so well because of a distribution problem ,but the songs taken from the album as singles blew up and became instant hits and club bangers